WHAT IT IS. It is a step-back from the daily grind to set a vision, its accompanying goals and a process to sustain it throughout the year. It’s the jumpstart to making intentional and purposeful choices to create a meaningful life.

WHO IT IS FOR. This may be the perfect workshop for those who:

  • feel like they are busy doing everything, but nothing at the same time
  • want to start more intentional and mindful living
  • want to try a new approach to goal-setting
  • have big, juicy goals that need to be lived out
  • have never tried goal setting or creating a vision board

The program begins with several pre-work assignments sent via e-mail a week before the workshop date.

The workshop itself is an onsite, facilitated group gathering that lasts about 4 hours.

It is highly interactive and creative so participants must be open to new experiences and insights.

You’ll get the chance to play the Coaching Game by Points of You™ as facilitated by trained facilitator Coach Kitty.


I’ve always had a general idea of how I wanted my life to turn out, and I knew that there were certain “action steps” I had to take in order to achieve the things I’ve always dreamt of doing. But it wasn’t until the YAY workshop that I realized how not just important, but how closely related these “action steps” are in terms achieving the things I’ve always wanted to achieve.

Sitting down and actually putting all my dreams to writing made them more actual for me, and listing down all the things I had to do achieve these made things seem somewhat more manageable. It was comforting to know I had a plan especially since before I would think of all the things I wanted to do and sort of just lose myself in all my thoughts.

For me the workshop was a good exercise as well in coming to terms with what I wanted the most, and gearing myself towards how I’m going to get there. It also made me feel quite brave because not only did I tell myself: “hey, this is what you want to do, here’s how you’re gonna do it” but I actually said this out loud and shared these with other people. – Tippy, Development Worker, 24

Most meaningful afternoon of my life so far! – Joanna, Marketing, 22

Your Awesome Year Workshop is definitely a must for those who want to reorganize their life! – Jeff, Writer, 34

The workshop definitely helped clear the fog a bit for me. It gave me a better sense of direction. Even if I’m still not 100% certain, at least I’m more organized in my movement towards my future now. I think a lot of people will find this relevant and interesting, and it’s definitely something I want to build on and carry. – Angeli, Student, 20

I came to the workshop not having a definite 5 year life plan and came out having one after YAY! – Krissy, Entrepreneur, 34

FINALLY, in addition to my life’s sense of direction, I have my thoughts better shaped and soon to be implemented. 🙂 indeed, an awesome year ahead. – Reg, Student, 21

Looking out into the future in a moon shot mind set and working that dream goal into reality, I have discovered more things about myself and how that seemingly impossible dream could be attainable through smaller attainable goals. The anxiety charged labyrinth of the future slowly unravels and becomes an exciting process of becoming. – Rakiel, Designer, 23

For workshop schedules and rates, CONTACT ME.

WHAT IT IS. This is a guided process for finding clarity in the state of a career standstill intended for those who are contemplating a career change.


This is for the restless who are wondering whether it’s time to make a career change. It’s perfect for those whose careers seem to be on a standstill or feel they have plateaued. Maybe nothing’s wrong. Maybe nothing’s going right. Or maybe it feels like things aren’t getting anywhere and there’s got to be something more.

WHAT TO EXPECT. In this workshop, you get to:

  1. Anchor your decision on the bigger picture
  2. Understand your reasons for maintaining your state-of-work and for exploring career options
  3. Identify the opportunities and trade-offs of a possible change
  4. Design and commit to your steps for moving forward

Pre-work activities will be sent via email at least 5 days before the workshop. You’ll be playing the Coaching Game by Points of You™, participating in group discussions, and having time for focused individual work.

Workshop size is intentionally small for more meaningful conversations.